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LinkedIn Ads

Why you should promote your business using LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is an effective communication channel, and if you are a B2B company, you should consider promoting through LinkedIn Ads. It has two main advantages: precise targeting and up-to-date profile data. And that’s good news if you want to reach the right audience. Here's how LinkedIn Ads can help you:
  • You can attract your business’s specific audience to your LinkedIn page and build a community around the solutions you provide
  • You can promote services, products, and company benefits, supported by greater organic visibility. In comparison to other social media platforms (such as Facebook).
  • The ability to send direct messages to LinkedIn inboxes. A campaign type without negative reactions, as seen on Facebook. On LinkedIn, users are accustomed to them and rarely use messaging for personal purposes.
  • You can underline and highlight your brand’s benefits to those who have already visited your website on LinkedIn. Remarketing on LinkedIn.

How can we help you increase your revenue through promotion via LinkedIn Ads?

Sponsored Content - sponsored post or update with the ability to target specific interests and audiences.
Sponsored Messaging - a sponsored private message, personalized, aiming for direct interaction with the audience.
Text Ads - a small ad format, displayed in the sidebar of the feed, with the option to include a 50x50 pixel image.
Dynamic Ads - dynamically delivered advertisements based on users' interests and profile data.
Lead generation ads, video ads, or ads that bring you applicants for job postings posted on LinkedIn.

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