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Google Ads

Why you should promote your business with Google Ads

If your website has some traffic, you already have a range of free tools: publishing articles, social media posts, sending newsletters, etc. Unlike free or cheaper methods, Google Ads campaigns involve higher costs (advertising budget allocation, preparation of graphic and text materials, plus administration fees for freelancers or agencies). However, there are numerous advantages:
  • Reach new customers in a shorter amount of time.
  • Upselling and cross-selling to existing customers + increasing average order value (AOV)
  • Cost-effective promotion – you only pay when a user reaches the site through the ad (pay per click).
  • Your advertisement reaches only interested individuals – targeting based on multiple interests.
  • A wide range of advertising objectives and mechanisms that allow you to reach people actively seeking solutions for their problems/desires (search campaigns), display banners to specific audiences (display), or focus on sales for both new audiences (Shopping Ads and performance Max) and existing audiences (Remarketing).
  • Relevant promotional campaigns – You can change the strategy anytime, having access to crucial data regarding visitor behavior on the website/store.

How can we help you increase your revenue through Google Ads promotion?

We establish the objectives and strategy right from the beginning.
We ensure that monitoring and data processing are done correctly, both in the Google Ads account and related tools (Google Merchant or Google Analytics).
We create campaigns by crafting compelling advertisements (both in terms of messaging and graphics).
We manage the advertising budget efficiently and strive to achieve the desired results at the best possible costs.
We monitor, test new tactics, and constantly optimize the advertisements.
We generate a detailed report at the end of each month.

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We document our activity in workflow processes, case studies, and specialized articles.
We meticulously measure results and consistently refine our marketing and sales skills through hands-on experience, courses, seminars, and specialized literature.
We focus on the strengths of each individual client and customize the offered PPC Ads services to achieve the established objectives.