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About Us

The Origin of the Name

DAR Media Marketing

Our name was created by combining the initials of our first names, Dumitru, Adelina, and Radu, and from the idea that every individual/business possesses a precious gift to offer others. Online Marketing is the tool that we use to help you present your gift to those who want or need it, enabling you to earn financial rewards and personal satisfaction.

With passion and dedication, we provide experience garnered over years of study and practice, ensuring continuous evolution for your business.

Experience 95%
Dedication 100%
Collaboration 90%

How it works

Our collaboration

Audit & Strategy
We understand the context of your business and your objectives. We identify the strengths and weaknesses of the channels through which you promote yourself and create a customized marketing strategy for you.
We carefully implement each point discussed in the initial strategy, so that your business experiences noticeable growth in visibility, leads, and customers (both new and loyal).
Weekly, we keep you updated on how things are progressing in implementation, and at the end of every month, you receive a detailed report with the results, plus what we will improve in the following month.

Our clients speak highly of us

How can we assist you?

Marketing services
We offer you omnichannel marketing services that target the entire customer journey. From audit and strategy to implementation and reporting, we take care of each step.
We offer you online marketing consultancy services, which will provide clarity on the effectiveness of your marketing and concrete tools to achieve better results.
Free Resources
You can inform yourself and independently apply the useful marketing strategies for growing your business, with the help of our blog articles or our free Ebooks.

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