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Cookie Policy

What is a cookie?

A cookie (also called a browser cookie or internet cookie) is a small file consisting of letters and numbers, stored on the computer, mobile device, or other equipment of a user who accesses the internet.

The cookie is installed through a request issued by a web server to a browser (e.g., Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc.) and is entirely “passive”. It does not include any software programs, viruses, or spyware in any way. At the same time, a cookie cannot access information from the user’s hard drive.

What benefits do cookies offer you?

They establish a connection between a browser (the user) and a specific web server (the website). If a browser accesses that web server again, it can read stored information and react accordingly. Cookies ensure a pleasant browsing experience and support our efforts to provide you with the most enjoyable browsing experience. Examples include online privacy preferences, website language choices, etc.

We use the following types of cookies:

Essential cookies. These are necessary for the operation of our website. For example, cookies that allow you to log into secure areas of our website.

Analytical/performance cookies. These allow us to identify and calculate the number of visitors and their behavior when using our website. This way, we can improve how our website functions, for instance, by ensuring that users more easily find what they’re looking for. These are purely statistical pieces of information that do not provide any identifying data about any individual.

Targeted cookies. These cookies record your visit to our website, the pages you have visited, and the links you have clicked on. We will use this information to make our website relevant to your interests and preferences.

Functionality cookies. These recognize users who revisit the website www.darmedia.ro. This way, we can personalize the content of our website for you, greet you by name, and remember your preferences.

Important: Third parties (e.g., advertising networks and external service providers like internet traffic analysis services) may use cookies over which we have no control. These could be analytical/performance cookies or targeting cookies. Information collected by third parties is not controlled by us but by their own privacy/cookie policy.

The lifespan of a cookie.

Cookies are managed differently by each website. The lifespan of a cookie can vary, depending on the purpose. Some cookies are used for a single session (“session cookies”) and are not retained after the user leaves the site, while some cookies are retained and reused each time the user returns to that site (“persistent cookies”).

Blocking cookies.

You can block our cookies by enabling settings in your browser. This way, you can refuse the setting of all or only certain cookies. However, if you use browser settings to block all cookies (including essential cookies), you may not be able to access all or some parts of our website.

Remarketing – Google AdWords and Facebook Ads

On the pages of our website, using a remarketing tag and a conversion code created by Google AdWords, cookies are collected (a unique number that identifies a specific web browser on a particular PC, not a specific person). Google collects cookies to display ads on the Google Display Network websites and in Google Search to users who have visited the pages of the website www.darmedia.ro. If you do not agree with Google’s cookies, you can disable them through the Ads Preferences Manager.

Similarly, Facebook, through its pixel or Facebook Standard Events (small pieces of code that are integrated into our website), displays ads to users who have visited the website www.darmedia.ro. If you do not agree with how Facebook uses remarketing ads, you can disable this option from the Facebook Ads settings page, available here (you need to log in to Facebook before performing this action).

Do you want to learn more about cookies and their usage?

I have prepared some resources for you:

The website www.darmedia.ro uses cookies. 

Do you want to learn more about cookies and their usage?

I have prepared some resources for you: