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In the fast-paced world of eCommerce, understanding every step your customer takes in the online store can make the difference in turning a simple visitor into a loyal buyer.

We are DAR MEDIA, a marketing agency with over 6+ years of experience in the field of Digital Marketing, collaborating with over 200 companies. This experience has allowed us to specialize in supporting businesses like yours to reach the desired audience, generate efficient conversions through social media strategies, and convert potential customers into loyal clients.

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What challenges do you have?

High Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC): the cost of attracting a new customer is increasing.
Low Website Traffic: the traffic on your website is decreasing.
Inefficient Marketing Campaigns: your marketing campaigns do not generate quality leads or fail to capture the attention of the target audience.

Low conversion rate: you notice that a large number of visitors do not complete the purchase. A low conversion rate suggests that visitors are not sufficiently convinced to become customers.
High Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate: you have visitors who add products to the cart, but do not complete the purchase.
High Traffic, but Low Sales: your site attracts a lot of traffic, but this does not translate into sales.
Negative Feedback from Customers: frequent complaints about site navigation, the payment process, or other aspects of the shopping experience are warning signs.

Customer Churn Rate: you notice an increasing number of customers ceasing to buy your products or use your services.
Decline in Repeat Sales: existing customers are buying less frequently or in smaller quantities.
Reduction in Customer Referrals: existing customers no longer recommend your services or products to others

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200+ Clienți
2 + milioane euro Vânzări generate în 2023
6+ ani experiență în digital marketing & eCommerce

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Audit & Strategie
Înțelegem contextul afacerii și obiectivele tale. Identificăm punctele forte și punctele slabe ale canalelor prin care te promovezi și creăm o strategie de marketing personalizată pentru tine.
Punem în aplicare cu atenție fiecare punct discutat în strategia inițială, pentru ca afacerea ta să aibă parte de o creștere vizibilă, la nivel de achiziții de clienți, conversie sau loializare..
Săptămânal, te ținem la curent cu modul în care decurg lucrurile în implementare, iar la fiecare final de lună, primești un raport detaliat cu rezultatele, plus ce îmbunătățim în luna următoare.

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