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Case Study: From 0 to 63,295.30 lei in Revenue (ROAS 9.10) through Facebook Ads

Case Study: From 0 to 63,295.30 lei in Revenue (ROAS 9.10) through Facebook Ads

I have prepared a new case study for you, in which we will present how we achieved from 0 to 63,295.30 lei in revenue (ROAS of 9.10) through Facebook Ads campaigns in just 2 months.

The period we are considering for this case study is from July 27, 2021, to September 30, 2021.

Types of campaigns: Traffic, Post Engagement, Purchase, and Catalog Sale.

facebook ads fashion case study


It’s important to mention that before July 27, 2021, the client’s Facebook Ads account never had any Sales campaigns (Purchase and Catalog Sale). We only ran campaigns for Traffic (Landing Page View and Link Clicks), Post Engagement, Messages, and Reach.

Business model: eCommerce

Niche: Fashion

The PPC specialist who ran the Facebook Ads campaigns for this client is our colleague Călin Flaviu Tofan.

Main objectives:

  • Increasing sales
  • Increasing website traffic
  • Increasing website traffic

From July 27, 2021, to September 30, 2021, we invested 6,956.42 lei in Facebook Ads campaigns, resulting in total revenue of 63,295.30 lei and achieving a total ROAS of 9.10.

How did we get to a ROAS of 9.10?

What is ROAS?
facebook ads fashion case study

Case Study: Facebook Ads / Fashion / eCommerce

The first step was to make sure the Advertising account and website were aligned. So:

  • The website is ready for conversions.
  • It charges fast
  • The purchase process is easy and user-friendly.
  • There are no errors that hinder the purchase process.
  • SEO optimization for conversions (categories, product names, descriptions, product attributes, etc.).
  • The advertising account is configured for conversions. In the advertising account, we set up the pixel correctly, prioritized events for IOS, verified the domain, and uploaded the product feed to the platform without errors.

The second step was to build a strategy to achieve the objectives through Facebook Ads campaigns.

How did we achieve our objectives?

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Objective: Attracting qualified traffic to the website

We focused on:

  • traffic and post-engagement campaigns
  • targeted interests
  • tests on various cold and warm audiences
  • training the pixel to identify customers with the highest buying potential

We focused on campaigns aimed at increasing brand engagement

We developed a strategy aimed at increasing interaction on the page and growing the warm audience by:

  • Organic content publishing: We followed an editorial calendar for posts on the brand’s Facebook page. We had consistent content that followed the brand’s voice tone.
  • Post engagement ads: We specifically promoted the posts published on the page with smaller but consistent budgets.

We set out to increase sales

Considering that there was a history of website traffic and warm audiences before we took over the account, we opted to focus directly on Purchase campaigns. This way we taught the pixel the primary conversion type for this client.

We focused on:

  • Purchase campaigns

During the two months of promotion, we tested promoting specific product categories and the entire website through catalog sales campaigns. Most of the sales came from the campaigns targeting specific product categories.

  • Targeting

We conducted nationwide geo-targeting and used various types of audiences: broad, interest-based, profession-based, custom audiences built around the customer avatar, custom audiences based on website visitors and their actions such as Landing Page Views, Add to Cart, Initiated Checkouts, as well as lookalike audiences.

  • Creative testing

Regarding creatives (images and ad copy), we experimented with various types of Ad Sets and ads, including single image-dynamic, dynamic catalog ads, and carousel catalog ads. We also tested multiple ad copies to find the most compelling and engaging messages for our audience. This iterative testing approach allowed us to identify the winning combinations that drove the highest conversion rates and engagement levels.

Obtained results

facebook ads fashion case study

During the promotional period from July 27th to September 30th, 2021, we allocated a budget of 6,956.42 lei and reached  63,295.30 lei, resulting in a remarkable Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of 9.10. This outstanding performance underscores the effectiveness of our Facebook Ads strategy in driving significant revenue growth for the client’s eCommerce business within just two months.

  • The conversion ads started yielding results in July, within the first week of their launch. This rapid success highlights the efficiency of the conversion-focused approach we adopted in our Facebook Ads campaigns. Thus, from July 27th to July 31st, 2021, with a budget of 482.42 lei, we generated a total revenue of 6,109.40 lei, resulting in a ROAS of 12.66.
  • In August, typically considered a slow sales month, we supplemented our efforts with additional Purchase campaigns, targeting specific product categories by using Catalog Sales campaigns. We allocated a budget of 3,328.54 lei and generated revenue of 30,711.90 lei, resulting in an ROAS of 9.23.
  • In September, we allocated a budget of 3,145.46 lei and generated revenue of 26,474.00 lei, resulting in a ROAS of 8.42. The slight decrease in ROAS  was due to one of the “tractor” type purchase campaigns experiencing a sudden drop towards the end of summer. In response, we conducted a stock clearance promotion and promoted a new category of products suitable for the upcoming fall-winter season.

In the analyzed period, we observed a progression in CPC (Cost Per Click) and CPP (Cost Per Purchase) metrics. Starting from an initial average CPC of 0.19 lei and an average CPP of 12.04 lei, we optimized our campaigns to achieve a lower average CPC of 0.18 lei and a slightly increased average CPP of 13.98 lei. The slight increase in the cost per purchase was influenced by the decrease in sales from the mentioned “tractor” campaign.

Indeed, in this case, the campaigns with the conversion objective outperformed the catalog campaigns in terms of generating purchases.


Drawing from our experience with Social Media campaigns, specifically Post Engagement and Traffic campaigns focused on driving Landing Page Views and Link Clicks, we started with a well-defined demographic audience.

The Facebook Ads account had already collected some audiences and data. But these proved insufficient to increase sales. So, we created new audiences from scratch. We created cold audiences based on Lookalike targeting and warm audiences based on customer actions on the website. By leveraging Lookalike audiences, we were able to find users similar to the client’s existing customer base, increasing the likelihood of attracting potential customers with similar preferences and behaviors. Therefore, at the end of the 2-month campaign period, the average ROAS for the Purchase campaigns increased from 0 to 9.10.

Key elements that contributed to these results:

✅ We had a clear strategy from the beginning;

✅ The site was technically fine-tuned and was well indexed;

✅ We conducted constant A/B testing: We tested promoting all products through Catalog Sales and campaigns focusing on product categories.

✅ We measured results and acted promptly when campaigns weren’t performing, knowing which metrics were “non-negotiable.”

✅ We communicated closely with the client regarding available stocks, flagship products, or selling products;

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